Motorbike exhaust extraction: contactless motorbike extraction system

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Lino Di Betta
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Professional garages that respect the environment and their workers have equipped themselves with systems for extracting the exhaust gases emitted by motorcycles, scooters or other 2-wheeled vehicles whenever they’re started inside the garage.

Experience has shown that mechanics work hard to adapt standard gas extraction products by creating DIY adapters to fit the various silencers.
WORKY has come up with a simple and professional solution to this problem with its brand new GRNP-75M product.
The letter M at the end of the product code indicates that it’s specifically designed for MOTORBIKES.

The revolutionary GRNP-75M

The new rubber nozzle with a magnetic coupling and pedestal is WORKY's permanent solution to adapting existing systems to all the various types of two-wheeler exhaust pipes.
The innovation lies in its self-supporting ground plate, which is connected to a support bar using 4 powerful magnets.

Why did we use magnets?

We know that motorcycles or scooters are repaired both on the ground on a stand, and on the lift bench. There’s not enough space to support the entire plate when the vehicle is lifted onto the bench, so the support rod is detached and positioned directly on the lift using the magnets. The rubber nozzle is also connected to the bar using a powerful magnet so that it can be easily positioned at the exhaust outlet.

Why should the nozzle be placed on a bar and not connected to the exhaust?

  • Because, in order to work properly, an extraction system needs to extract the hot exhaust and mix it with the surrounding air at room temperature.

  • Because if the nozzle is sealed onto the exhaust without any other air entering, the extraction system can cause the engine to shut down  while extracting the exhaust.

  • Because if the rubber nozzle is kept at a distance from the exhaust pipe it won’t melt onto the silencer (every biker’s prize possession!), thus eliminating the risk of leaving molten rubber marks or other residues, which no one wants to take home as a souvenir...

Flexible, configurable, light and stable

Coupled exhausts, underbody exhausts, exhausts under the tail fairing, multiple exhausts, oversized silencers due to a converter… once a vehicle has left the factory, there’s a vast assortment of aftermarket exhaust parts that can be utilised. And with a pair of GRNP-75M nozzles, your garage will have everything needed to effectively extract the exhaust from any vehicle, even using your old system, which works well but doesn’t fit modern vehicles.

Ask WORKY, and place your trust in people who are capable of creating an entirely new world all around you.

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