Mobile exhaust extraction systems for heavy vehicles

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principale - Impianti mobili per aspirazione di gas di scarico dei mezzi pesanti
Lino Di Betta
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For exhaust extraction systems for heavy vehicles - required as set forth by the Workplace Safety Consolidation Act - WORKY also provides mobile systems: GROLLY-T and GROLLY-V are the two stand-alone systems designed to adapt to the various muffler positions.

GROLLY-T and GROLLY-V are two WORKY mobile exhaust extraction systems for heavy vehicles: designed for vans, lorries and buses, the two stand-alone systems have the necessary resistance to high temperature gas exhaust (up to 110°) and capacities suited for large vehicle exhaust pipes.

Let's take a closer look.

GROLLY-V for vans

GROLLY-V is designed to extract exhaust from heavy vehicles such as vans. It has a 1700 mc/h capacity is made up of:

  • A 1 HP motor;
  • A rubber nozzle, designed to not scratch vehicle bumpers;
  • Height adjustable structure (minimum 250 mm - maximum 750 mm);
  • Built-in stop switch.

The system is completed with a flexible hose to convey exhaust outside the workshop; for GROLLY-V, the ideal hose has a 150 mm diameter and 10 m length.

GROLLY-T for lorries and buses

For even larger vehicles, we designed GROLLY-T, an exhaust extraction system for heavy vehicles such as lorries and buses. Motor power is increased and reaches 1.5 HP 400V three-phase while the maximum capacity rises to 2100 mc/h.

GROLLY-T is equipped with:

  • A stainless steel nozzle;
  • An oscillating arm to reach the vehicle exhaust pipe;
  • Built-in circuit breaker.

The product is completed with a specific extraction hose: 10 m long, 150 mm diameter and PVC coated surface, resistant to a maximum temperature of 110°.

The standards that regulate heave vehicle exhaust extraction

GROLLY-T and GROLLY-V are two essential instruments in workshops and body shops.

Workplace Safety Consolidation Act text:

“2.1.4-bis. In workplaces where unbreathable or toxic or flammable gas or vapours are emitted and where odours or fumes of any kind normally develop, the employer must implement measures to prevent or reduce the development and diffusion as much as possible. 2.1.5. Gas, vapour, odour or fumes must be extracted, as much as possible, in the immediate vicinity of the place where they are produced.”

“4. Gas, vapour, liquid, dust, etc. emissions 4.1. A work tool that infers risks due to gas, vapour or liquid emissions or dust, fume or other produced, used or stored substance emissions, the work tool must be equipped with appropriate retention and/or extraction devices near the source corresponding to these risks."

Possessing exhaust extraction tool for heavy vehicles in workshops and body shops is not only useful but also mandatory to protect workers against unbreathable gas intoxication risks.

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