Lorry workshop design: rendering and 3D for a global view

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principale - Progettazione officine camion rendering e 3D per una visione globale
Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta

How to design a lorry workshop? Through a precise procedure, where 3D design and 3D rendering are essential steps to success.

Lorry workshop design requires 3D graphics and rendering: these 2 instruments can solve any critical situations or meet the need to optimise space well before systems are installed.

We explain steps that lead to creating systems for a lorry workshop, with special focus on the layout design.


Field consulting and helpful assessment tools

Before beginning a lorry workshop design, the WORKY sales team organises on the field consulting: we provide you with a consultant to understand your needs and help you choose the right systems for vehicles with special needs, such as those of heavy vehicles.

Do you need more than consulting? We can offer you something more, a demo van, that lets you get an up close look at our products specifically designed for heavy vehicles: special nozzles, high temperature resistant hoses, extensible arms and sliding elements that even reach the most difficult spots.


3D design: the importance of a 3D layout

After our meeting, we start the actual design for lorry workshops, meaning the 3D design of the workplace. Realistically viewing the extension and arrangement of space and volume is essential in understanding where to place exhaust systems: giving them context.

3D design thus implies photo-realistic rendering, created with quick and technically advanced software that provides a preview of the expected results. Since these are very large and heavy vehicles, it is essential for the lorry workshop layout to have ample space, enlarged work stations, high ceiling and easy passageways.


Installation, commissioning and post-sales service

Once the key lorry workshop design phase has completed, we produce the required systems with all their components.

The specialised team of technicians then starts installation, including:

  • Transferring the know-how required for correct systems operations and maintenance to workshop workers. It is essential for exhaust extraction systems to always work at maximum capacity, especially in lorry and heavy vehicle workshops: risks to workers' health increase in the event of imperfect machinery management;
  • On-site commissioning of all exhaust extraction and/or fluid and energy distribution machinery and system components.

You can always contact our Customer Care department for any problem or post-installation request: our staff, trained to solve any problem, can provide you with all the necessary assistance.


Do you need expert assistance in lorry workshop design? Contact us immediately!

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