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Lorry exhaust extraction systems must be made with high resistance components: hoses and nozzles, in particular, must support the high temperatures reaches by heavy vehicle exhaust.

The Workplace safety consolidation act requires that all measures required to reduce workers' risks to a minimum be adopted. When dealing with a heavy vehicle workshop, these measures include specific tools to extract toxic exhaust emitted by vehicles when running.

Let's take a look at the 3 WORKY high-resistance flexible extraction hose models that allow workshops to maintain the workplace healthy, as required by Legislative Decree 81-08.


Exhaust extraction hoses specific for lorries

For lorry maintenance, WORKY has created 4 specific high-resistance exhaust extraction hoses: GT2, GT5, GT7 and GT1. GT2 is made of rubber with a nylon coil, suited for maintenance with the engine idle. Other models are made of a metallic coil reinforced hose, suited to support the high temperature reached by heavy vehicle exhaust.


  1. GT2 resists up to 200°
  2. GT5 resists up to 500°
  3. GT7 resists up to 700°
  4. GT1 resists up to 1000°


Versatile nozzles for every type of exhaust

In addition to lorry exhaust extraction hoses, the WORKY range has expanded with a series of specific nozzles to adapt to the different types of industrial and commercial vehicle exhaust.

Let's take a look at each:

  • GMN-E6K7I. Flexible nozzle designed to connect to central under-body exhausts, model approved by Mercedes-Benz;
  • GRTN. Heavy duty rubber nozzle equipped with tamper-proof mesh and airtight damper. The mouth diameter is 185 mm. It is also available in versions: –M (with exhaust pipe attachment magnets), –MG (with rubber coated clamp attachment) and –IG (with internal expansion clamp);


  • GRNP-HT. Trolley nozzle designed to extract exhaust emitted in opacimeter tests. It is installed on an adjustable rod and equipped with a 60° curved stainless steel mouth: perfect to extract exhaust from pipes behind bumpers and curved downwards;


  • GMNT-100 AU. Trolley nozzle with double brake and 100 mm diameter extraction mouth, made of stainless steel for high temperatures. It is installed on an oscillating rod. Also available in version GMNT-400200, with 400x400 external structure and 200 mm diameter;
  • GMNVE. Galvanised plate crooked pipe nozzle, specific for positioning on vertical exhaust pipes;
  • GMNC. 90° curved stainless steel nozzle for pipes with extremely downward curves.


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