How to choose a car body shop extractor fan

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It is essential to have a high-performance sanding dust extraction system in a body shop in order to guarantee high-level results for subsequent painting processes. What is the best choice for a car body shop extraction system? Discover the answer in this article.

The dust created during sanding is harmful from different points of view: it is harmful to health and, if not removed by an adequate extraction system when dispersed in the air, it can compromise results when painting the vehicle.

If it is not captured during sanding, the dust can reach and settle on surfaces inside the preparation area, compromising cleanliness, order and efficiency in the workplace.

With an adequate extraction system, dust can be removed directly at the source: using flexible hoses connected to orbital sanding units, dust is conveyed either directly to the mobile extraction unit or turbine, in the latter case passing through the various components of a stationary extraction system.

Body shops can choose between stationary and mobile extraction systems, depending on actual work requirements. The preference for one type of body shop extractor fan and another may depend on various factors, including the frequency and intensity of sanding. Find out how to choose the most suitable extraction system.


When to choose a stationary car body shop extractor fan

A stationary extraction system is ideal for body shops with several workstations, close to each other and defined within the space, where sanding is frequent and lengthy.


How WORKY stationary extraction systems are made

Stationary extraction systems are made up of:

  • Turbines with different power outputs
  • Multifunction control units and panels;
  • Arms with control units;
  • Pipes;
  • Accessories and various components.

An entirely customised system can be designed with WORKY in compliance with specific needs, thus optimising maximum performance and the spaces available in the body shop.


When to choose a mobile car body shop extractor fan

A mobile extraction system may be the solution for body shops with few and decentralised workstations, where sanding is occasional and for short periods of time.


Recommended WORKY extraction systems

For body shops with this requirement, carriage-mounted stand-alone systems are recommended, which offer performance and ergonomics. Also in this case, every body shop extractor fan can meet different needs. Let's take a closer look.

DMOB2 carriage-mounted dust extraction unit

car body shop extractor fan dmob2A simple and high-performance unit to extract and filter dust from one or two sanding units at the same time.

The carriage-mounted extractor fan with one + one 1000W motors, power adjustment selector to exploit both motors equally, 2 x 230V Schuko electrical sockets (contact our sales office without obligation to request different sockets), 2 x quick couplings for compressed air, cellulose bag filter and post-filtration unit

Furthermore, one-arm (DMOBSS1) or two-arm (DMOBSS2) suspension kits are available for this unit.


DT2M stand-alone dust extraction system

car body shop extractor fan dt2mA heavy-duty mobile unit to extract and filter dust from one or two sanding units at the same time.

The carriage-mounted unit is equipped with a 2 HP single-phase side channel turbine, cartridge filter with automatic filter cleaning system and container with dust collection bag.


DMOB1EX carriage-mounted dust extraction unit

aspiratore-carrozzeria-dmob1exCarriage-mounted ATEX configuration unit to extract potentially explosive sanding dust or to work in environments regulated by explosion or flammability risk classes. Extraction is obtained through the Venturi compressed air system.

To be used with pneumatic orbital sanding units.



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