Farm machinery exhaust extraction: why are extraction arms needed?

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Lino Di Betta
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For years we have known that the fuel that powers engines, including farm machinery, is not only harmful to health, but carcinogenic. This is why workshops and body shops must be equipped with specific exhaust extraction systems for farm machinery.

Farm machinery produces exhaust that is harmful to health: carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, hydrocarbons, non-burnt and other substances in exhaust expose mechanics and technicians who repair vehicles (with the engines running) to serious respiratory illness risks.

For this reason, the Workplace Safety Consolidation Act has established mandatory preventive measures, including the installation of farm machinery exhaust extraction systems in service centres.

Free-standing farm machinery exhaust extraction arms

For farm machinery, the best exhaust extraction system is one equipped with a free-standing arm. The arm is the best solution because farm machinery has vertical mufflers, thus a mobile, flexible too, able to reach even difficult points, is required.

SB-HT arms, with high temperature joints, permit exhaust to be extracted without contact with the vehicle due to the free-standing structure; in fact, the arm remains suspended and does not need to rest on the muffler.

If there are no nearby walls to support the arms, WORKY is able to provide a valid alternative with mechanical and power-driven reels with hoses that resist high temperatures.

Mechanical and power-driven reels

The most traditional solution for farm machinery exhaust extraction is represented by the reel combined with a flexible hose.

There are two types of WORKY reels:

  • With mechanical winding (GMR)
  • With power-driven winding, controlled by a panel (GER) or remote control (GERT).

Reels can house different hose lengths to easily reach farm machinery mufflers: the relevant nozzle is then applied to the muffler, in this case hoses resistant to high temperatures (up to 1000°).


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