Extraction arm for body shops, an ally against sanding dust

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Lino Di Betta
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DARM is a synonym for our body shop extraction arm excellence: it removes even the smallest grain of dust freed in workshops and body shops when sanding or performing similar work. All DARM arms have a fitting for dust extraction, couplings for compressed air distribution and electrical sockets to power the tools required for the various processes.

An extraction arm is necessary for a body shop that has a permanent extraction system for dust produced when sanding vehicles; in fact, arms let you move the utilities from the walls to the work station and easily reach the back of the vehicle.

4 extraction arm models for body shops

At WORKY we have developed a series of extraction arms for body shops: DARMsDry Sanding Arms – are lightweight arms, made of rustproof aluminium; they include a fitting for sanding dust extraction, some couplings intended for compressed air distribution and electrical sockets to power the tools required for the processes.

4 different models are available, let's take a look at each and what distinguishes them.


DARM3 and DARM3SU are both 3 metres long and thus perfect to move electrical and pneumatic utilities from the wall to the work station.

  • In DARM3, the service distribution panel and dust extraction mouth are built into the arm frame. Available with both automatic and manual start.
  • In DARM3SU, the panel is external and connected to the end of the arm with a 1.5m long flexible hose, thus further expanding the extraction arm's range of action for the body shop. It is also available with both automatic and manual start.


DARM6L and 6SU, on the other hand, are 6 metres long: the greater length is designed to reach the back of the vehicle, facilitating extraction.

  • DARM6L, like DARM3, has both electric and pneumatic utility distribution and the dust extraction mouth built into the extraction arm frame. Flexibility is enhanced by the central junction and halogen spotlight mounted on the end to directly light up the station;
  • DARM6SU has a panel on the end connected by a flexible hose; what's more, it has a central junction that lets you rotate it at will. There are 3 SU versions: with manual start (SU), with automatic start (ASU) and with automatic start with extraction cut-off when not used (6ACSU).


Learn more about all WORKY extraction arm features for body shops: download the catalogue or contact us!

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