Earth-moving vehicle exhaust extraction arms

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Lino Di Betta
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How can you easily extract exhaust emitted by an earth-moving vehicle during maintenance in the workshop?

Thanks to its easy movement and ability to reach even extremely distant points the extraction arm is an ideal partner for workshops that provide maintenance for earth-moving vehicles: bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, loaders, backhoe loaders.

Let's take a look at which elements are required for an earth-moving vehicle exhaust extraction system, elements that provide health protection in the workshop:

  • Wall-mounted arms with high temperature joints
  • Suitable dimensioned extractor
  • Exhaust flue

Earth-moving vehicle maintenance

An earth-moving vehicle is powered by an engine, generally diesel, connected to an oil-hydraulic system, meaning a mechanism that allows the vehicle to perform the operations for which it was designed: excavation, rotation, loading, etc.

For this reason, engine and oil-hydraulic system maintenance is extremely important and requires a few precautions.

Specifically, maintenance:

  • Should always be performed by experts
  • If performed indoors, an exhaust purification and extraction system must be prepared for the exhaust emitted from the muffler.

This is where WORKY systems for earth-moving vehicle exhaust extraction come to the rescue.

How to extract earth-moving vehicle exhaust

For safe extraction, WORKY provides complete systems that resist the passage of extremely high temperature exhaust and fumes.

The systems are made up of wall-mounted extraction arms or, alternatively, specific reels for high temperatures.

  • Free-standing arms can easily reach any work station and guarantee a wide range of action, essential when working on large sized vehicles. Flexible joints are made to resist high temperatures: GT5, GT7 and GT1 resist up to 500°, 700° and 1000° gas temperatures respectively.

  • Reels – mechanical or powered winding - able to extract exhaust directly from the muffler, and complete with crush-proof armoured hoses that can resist more extreme heat (up to 1000°).


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