Dust extraction: the musts for sanding dust extraction systems

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Lino Di Betta
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Sanding dust must be eliminated at the source with a proper extraction system to guarantee a healthy workplace.


Body shops must be equipped with an adequate dust extraction system in order to reduce the formation of suspended sanding dust concentrations to a minimum. Let's see how to choose the most suitable one.


Different systems for different sanding dust extraction needs

An adequate extraction system must be installed to avoid sanding dust dispersion, and thus safeguard both the workplace and operator safety. These can be stationary (usually installed in the preparation area) or mobile, easily moved from one work station to another. 

WORKY sanding dust extraction systems guarantee health, cleanliness and a consequent increase in productivity. Let's find out more about them.


Stationary systems

Stationary systems may be preferable for demanding and intensive applications.

The turbines in WORKY body shop dust extraction systems are equipped with a side channel blower, managed by an electrical panel. The fully automatic, highly efficient cleaning system maintains polyester filter cartridge performance constant throughout the machine's working life. The wide range of single or double blower turbines ensures that the application always meets the required performance.

The turbines also come in ATEX configuration for potentially explosive dusts such as those produced when sanding aluminium, titanium or carbon parts.
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Discover all the benefits of stationary systems


Mobile systems

Body shops can opt for mobile units when sanding is only occasional or non-continuous.

The DMOB2 extraction filter unit is a simple, yet high performance, portable unit in the WORKY body shop sanding dust extraction and filtration solution range. Its conformation and the two 1000 W motors make it an ergonomic and professional product. The DMOB2 can be further equipped with the one or two arm suspension kit.

Guaranteeing the possibility of being moved where necessary, the DT3M - mobile system for sanding dust extraction and filtration - is equipped with a side channel turbine, dust container with collection bag and cartridge filter with automatic cleaning system. This mobile solution meets the needs of demanding and continuous applications.

On the other hand, the DMOB1EX mobile unit is ideal when extraction is required in ATEX areas or for potentially explosive dusts. The unit works with a fully pneumatic Venturi system.

Discover all the benefits of mobile systems



Improve the performance of your painting department by eliminating suspended sanding dust. Install an extraction system that meets your needs.

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