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Do you have to design your body shop and you don't know what to do for the dust extraction systems? Read the WORKY guide and discover the applications and differences between the various system types.

Sanding is the most common application in every body shop but also the one that unfortunately releases harmful dust. The same dust, if not extracted, floats in the air until it settles on the body parts, compromising the paint. For all these reasons it is essential, and mandatory, that each body shop be equipped with dust extraction systems. But how many and what are the types of existing installations? When to choose one rather than the other?

There are essentially two types of systems:

  • Permanent, permanently installed in the service centre;
  • Mobile, usually on wheels, does not require a permanent installation.


Permanent systems

Permanent dust extraction systems are ideal for medium and large body shops, where sanding and polishing are the order of the day. In these cases, permanent systems:

  • Are more convenient, since always ready for use;
  • Provide high performance and high extraction capacity;
  • Require little maintenance since equipped with an automatic cleaning system.


Mobile systems

Mobile dust extraction systems, on the other hand, are designed for body shops that are:

  • Smaller, where sanding is less frequent and less burdensome;
  • With few work stations, close to each other: easily serviced by a wheeled system that is easy to transport but powerful enough to extract all the dust.


Who should you contact to install dust extraction systems?

Only specialised companies are able to offer an efficient and safe service from every point of view. WORKY provides products and kits for sanding dust extraction and more: it fully designs (or re-designs) body shop dust extraction systems.

  • The design starts with the customer interview and the inspection of the site where the workshop will be built or already is;
  • The layout s drawn up, showing the details of the arrangement and characteristics of the identified solution;
  • Next comes turnkey system installation and training for body shop workers on correct machinery use;
  • With post-sales service, we offer a continuous support service to the Customer, making our resources available to ensure the best system performance.


WORKY systems, permanent and mobile

Some features of dust extraction systems designed by WORKY

  • Permanent systems are systems that guarantee top-level and constant performance over time, thanks to turbines with side channels and automatic filter cleaning. The turbine is connected by means of antistatic aluminium pipes to the service units located inside the preparation areas. There are many types of service units: from retractable panels, to suspended heads, up to pivoting arms, which widen the extraction range of action.

  • Mobile systems are mainly stand-alone systems: portable systems on wheels like the DMOB2, equipped with 2 powerful 1000W electric motors, bag filter and automatic start. For heavy-duty applications, such as those on industrial vehicles, trains or buses, we have instead designed DT3M, a mobile turbine with side channels, with filter and automatic cleaning.


Do you want more information on WORKY dust extraction systems? Visit the specific section or contact us without any obligation.


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