Body shop dust extraction: when is a stationary system best?

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Lino Di Betta
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Installing a well-sized dust extraction system, suitable for the number of work areas and the number of employees, is necessary to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment. Let's take a look at stationary dust extraction system features.

Dust dispersed in the body shop is the enemy of health, of the quality of painting and of cleanliness. This is why it is important to rely on excellent products and solutions in the field of sanding dust extraction.

In addition to guaranteeing excellent results, WORKY stationary extraction systems greatly simplify body stop organisation.


How WORKY stationary dust extraction systems are made

First, we will explain how these types of systems are made.

Stationary body shop dust extraction systems are made up of parts which are semi-mobile, such as arms with multi-function control units (the arms are also included in some kits) or completely stationary (wall panels or control units) then connected to turbines, thanks to anti-static pipes.

They are generally made up of the following elements:

  • turbines - elements that filter and retain dust. Various versions are available so that the required suction power can be met; our engineering department is at your disposal to dimension the system and determine the correct turbine; thus guaranteeing excellent performance and results;
  • extraction arms - ending with a multi-function control unit that can be shared by two stations;
  • multi-function control units - a compact solution for one or two sanders, to be secured to the wall or ceiling; the control units are also available with remote automatic turbine stop and start system and with a cut off system;
  • panels for integration within the preparation area – they ensure maximum use of space. The panels are also available with remote automatic turbine stop and start system and with a cut off system;
  • pipes – duly designed and dimensioned for optimal dust extraction;
  • various accessories.


New WORKY products for body shop dust extraction


The latest WORKY solutions for sanding dust extraction include DOLMEN the innovative multi-service station complete with turbine and filter.

This element can be installed between two workstations; either concealed or wall-mounted. The front control panel and the automatic filter cleaning system are included in the unit.

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When are stationary extraction systems best?

Stationary sanding dust extraction systems with turbines are an optimal solution for continuous sanding dust extraction. In particular, they are ideal for medium and large body shops. This type of extraction system is designed and tailor-made for the work environment and therefore envisions installation with well-defined workstations within the working space.

In body shops that require occasional or temporary dust extraction or where the area dedicated to dust extraction is not well defined within the space, mobile extraction units with great practicality of use can be opted for.


WORKY dust extraction units for your body shop

It does not matter whether you have a large or small body shop: together we can develop customised solutions to ensure the best result by exploiting the existing spaces.

WORKY is a 100% Italian manufacturer that stands out for the very high quality and reliability of its creations. We design and realize dry sanding dust extraction systems for motorcycle, car and other vehicle repairs, as well as exhaust extraction systems, fluid and energy distribution and welding fume extraction systems.


Rely on the safety of WORKY extraction systems.

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