Air purification systems: WORKY solutions for workshops

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Lino Di Betta
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Air purification systems that are essential, in addition to mandatory, in all workshops and body shops. WORKY designs and installs extracts systems for exhaust, welding fumes and sanding dust.


Exhaust contains large amounts of harmful substances: carbon monoxide, non-burnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide; dust released from vehicle body sanding processes and welding fumes are also harmful. All these substances, if inhaled, irritate mucous and, in the long-run, damage the respiratory tract.


Air purification systems are mandatory

For this reason, it is essential (in addition to being legally mandatory) for each workshop to be equipped with air purification systems, thus systems able to extract polluted air, expel it and reintroduce it purified in the room.

At WORKY, we manufacture air purification system specific to workshops and body shops: we have different types of air purification systems based on the type of service centre and its specific needs.


Air purification systems: exhaust

Most harmful particles in the air in a workshop are contained in exhaust; fuel combustion emits carbon dioxide, non-burnt hydrocarbons and sulphur oxide that irritate mucous and, in the long run, can serious damage the respiratory tract.


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To extract and expel exhaust from the workshop, WORKY offers 4 types of localised air purification systems:




Air purification systems: welding fumes

The second source of harmful subjects in workshops and body shops is welding: fumes and fine dust, harmful to operators, are released when welding metallic parts. Even welding fumes are thus extracted at the source: WORKY air purification systems are specifically designed to extract fumes before they reach the mechanic, filter air and reintroduce it after deodorising with active carbon.


rincipale - Aspiratore per fumi di saldatura sistema fisso o unitaÌ carrellata


There are two types of purification filters:

  • fixed (hinged wall or sliding arms, hoods and filters, extraction benches)
  • mobile (filters on wheels)





Air purification systems: sanding dust

The third source of air pollution is vehicle sanding: the sander, in fact, produces a large amount of plaster or primer dust that not only harm body shop productivity - dirtying and tarnishing the environment - but can also harm operators' health.

Sanding dust extraction systems are thus directly installed on orbital sanders to capture particles before they spread. WORKY systems can be:

  • fixed (service unit - arms, panels, suspended heads, ducts - extraction hoses and turbine)
  • mobile (portable systems and on wheels).





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