A new gas exhaust extraction system for BMW

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Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta
The BMW dealer expressed the necessity to install a new gas exhaust extraction system.

Together with the manager, we have analysed the different possibilities and the puzzling situations they had to face,  then we came up with a perfect solution that would suit their needs and expectations.

In the past, BMW had already been in contact with us and  had also purchased WORKY products; this gave the WORKY staff the chance to introduce the latest product, launched on the market during Equip Auto Paris: the TOUCHLESS arm. He immediately realized the many advantages provided by this new system and decided to learn more about it.

The GTL-160, or better known as the TOUCHLESS arm, has completely fulfilled all the technical and economical requirements stated by the customer, who reaffirmed his confidence in WORKY. After having installed and tried the GTL-160 our customer and his personnel declared to be fully satisfied with the product and with its “user-friendly” features.

When we talk about TOUCHLESS arm,  we mean a self-supporting system that stays in the position where it gets placed and does not need to come in contact with the exhaust pipe. The great NEWS is that it does not need to adapt to the countless exhaust pipes on the different circulating vehicles. This makes it easier to use and prevent the mechanics from wasting time searching for a suitable nozzle, as the current systems in use, come with nozzles that are often improper to be  connected to the exhaust pipes.

The TOUCHLESS arm slides on aluminum rails and it is a self-supporting system; it does not need any adaptors and it has a great suction power without having to come in contact with the vehicle. (The nozzle can be easily positioned close to the pipe without touching it.)

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