3 solutions for industrial dust extraction

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Lino Di Betta
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Proper industrial dust extraction leads to various benefits at all levels: health, productivity, and well-being in the workplace. Let's take a closer look at WORKY's extraction solutions for companies that deal with sanding or polishing.


Industrial dust is produced on a variety of occasions - whenever “dry” materials are sanded in the work environment. The result is a real “cloud” of very volatile dust, which covers the operator and then settles on all surfaces: workstations, tools, materials, and semi-finished products.

This is why it is essential to use industrial dust extraction systems, which intercept volatile materials as close as possible to their source of production.


WORKY’s industrial dust extraction range

WORKY can offer a wide range of solutions for the extraction of sanding dust both with fixed systems and with mobile units, depending on the needs.



In fixed systems, the flexible hoses are connected to the sanders on one side and to the actual extraction system on the other (ending with the extractor filter turbine) using:

  • arms with control units
  • wall panels
  • wall-mounted units
  • etc.

Example: DARM arms for industrial dust extraction



Mobile systems are wheeled extraction units: portable, easy to handle and professional. The range includes compact models, but also side channel turbines with integrated automatic cleaning systems.


The DMOB2 - simple and high-performance wheeled unit


The DT2M - heavy duty mobile system


The benefits of industrial dust extraction

Dust extraction in industrial environments leads to numerous benefits, in all respects:

  • for operators’ health protection
  • for productivity, because the surfaces still to be painted are not covered with dust
  • for the efficiency of the machinery and equipment which are not damaged by any deposits of sanding dust
  • for general well-being in a cleaner, healthier and better organised workplace.


Our customers

Although body shops are the environments where it is most often necessary to install dust extraction systems, WORKY systems are also designed for industrial dust extraction in various sectors.

In fact, we also design them for:

  • manufacturing companies
  • shipyards
  • mechanical, railway repair shops, etc.
  • laboratories and training centres.


Do you want to know which extraction system is best suited to your business? Contact us: our sales department will be able to advise you on the most effective system suited to your needs.


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