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WORKY systems for inspection center

WORKY has developed specific solutions for inspection centres, including suction systems to extract exhaust fumes during emission tests, systems that follow the vehicle as it rolls over the brake testing bench and mini sets for opacity tests.

Our tailor-made systems have the goal of helping workers carry out their jobs in the best possible way, on all kinds of vehicles, always maintaining a high level of safety in the environment.

Our product range for Inspection centres
Exhaust fume extraction

Extracting exhaust fumes of motor vehicles from the work area prevents them being released into the work environment and becomi...

Solutions for inspection centres

Year after year, WORKY invests in research and development to increase the level of the services offered and develop product ranges that focus on improving the quality of work in inspection centres.

The systems we offer are articulated in three main innovative solutions:

  • An exhaust fumes extraction system for vehicles moving along the inspection area, with automatic carriage return;
  • A kit for fumes extraction for non-moving vehicles, for example, during the opacimeter test.
  • Movable solutions for maximum flexibility

These solutions, characterised by high competitiveness in terms of price, are designed to guarantee maximum practicality, ensuring remarkable time saving for the inspection centre workers.

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As a company established for the automobile sector, we believe it is very important to support everyday work at inspection centres, analysing the most current needs of users in the sector of exhaust fumes extraction in detail.

WORKY does more than just manufacturing and installing extraction systems; we follow our customers and offer complete consultancy services, walking side by side from the initial idea to the final result.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and to our innovation-oriented attitude, WORKY can boast homologations and partnerships with the main car manufacturers, creating systems that can stand up to their standards of excellence.

Entrust your inspection centre to people who can create a new world around you.

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