WORKY systems for heavy duty

WORKY has developed specific solutions, as well as high-efficiency systems that can meet the most complex of needs for heavy-duty businesses such as:

  • Assistance centres for trucks;
  • Workshops for earth-moving machinery;
  • Repair centres for agricultural means;
  • Workshops and hangars for military or airport vehicles.

When working with voluminous vehicles such as these, it is even more important to guarantee a safe environment. For this reason, WORKY has developed products that are even more resistant and performing.

In addition to dedicated extraction systems and specific adapters, we have created a series of multi-function stations for the distribution of technical fluids and compressed air, optimised to ensure rapidity, cleanliness and efficiency.

The range of services is completed with a fast and effective after-sale service, essential when working in the Professional sector.Gli impianti di WORKY per l'heavy duty

Our product range for Heavy duty workshop
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Fluid & Energy Distribution

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Extraction of welding fumes

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WORKY and Volvo Trucks

Thanks to the partnership with our local distributor, WORKY has created a project aimed at renovating a Volvo Truck workshop located in Settimo Torinese, an important part of the distribution strategy of the famous brand.

The Volvo Truck Centre Sales Managers expressed their main need: to give customers in this area an important reference point, offering fast, high quality service and to improve operation.

Some of the most appreciated products were fixed rollers equipped with nozzles for trucks, which ensure compatibility with all Volvo vehicles. The exhaust extraction nozzle range chosen to improve workshop efficiency provides mechanics with the utmost ergonomics and speed of exhaust extraction use, with great benefits to workshop air quality and general practicality in the relative environments.

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Purchasing products or working on a complete project with WORKY means collaborating constantly with specialists that can follow you throughout the different phases of the project, predicting critical issues and adopting the best solutions available to ensure maximum safety.

WORKY does more than just manufacturing and installing extraction systems; we follow our customers and offer complete consultancy services, walking side by side from the initial idea to the final result. The project becomes real thanks to an installation service and after-sale assistance service that WORKY implements at an international level, with in-house technicians and specialised teams.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and to our innovation-oriented attitude, WORKY can boast homologations and partnerships with the main car manufacturers, creating systems that can stand up to their standards of excellence.

The energy invested in research and development allows us to create systems with high added value, which optimise work flows, help mechanics save time and are visibly more functional.

Entrust your heavy-duty garage to people who can create a new world around you.

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