Car workshop

WORKY systems for car workshops

WORKY’s systems improve the quality of work in many different ways.

On one hand, our exhaust fumes extraction systems ensure a healthy and safe environment, promoting the health and well-being of the personnel, the true wealth of every company.

On the other hand, with the technical fluids and power distribution line, focus is on productivity in the work areas, reducing work times and improving the management and quality of the activities.

Our product range for Car workshop
Exhaust fume extraction

Extracting exhaust fumes of motor vehicles from the work area prevents them being released into the work environment and becomi...

Fluid & Energy Distribution

The technical fluids that WORKY's Systems Division deals with are all new and waste lubricant oils, antifreeze, windscreen clea...

WORKY and Audi

One of WORKY’s main activities is the design of solutions for specific projects, such as the case of this Audi dealer.

The customer’s priority was to improve productivity in the workshop, while keeping their workers safe. This goal was reached thanks to an advanced level of equipment. As the dealer worked on cars with many different types of exhaust, they needed a smart solution for the exhaust fumes extraction system.

At the same time, in order to meet the desire to increase the turnover of cars per work station, we also designed a fluid distribution system characterised by extreme simplicity and rapidity of use for its operators.

Some of the products most appreciated by the famous German car maker for this plant are:

  • Universal touchless arms that capture exhaust fumes without ever coming into contact with the silencer, and without ever depending on distance and positioning of the vehicle, neither in height, nor in depth or width;
  • Centralised systems for the distribution of technical fluids, completely integrated into the interior design. This solution allows each operator to comfortably arrange oil, anti-freeze and distilled water dispensers with maximum ergonomics and rapidity of use, without ever having to move away from the work station.

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WORKY believes in the value of a job well done, with attention to detail. We believe there is no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle. We believe no request is too ambitious.

WORKY does more than just manufacturing and installing extraction systems; we follow our customers and offer complete consultancy services, walking side by side from the initial idea to the final result.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and to our innovation-oriented attitude, WORKY can boast homologations and partnerships with the main car manufacturers, creating systems that can stand up to their standards of excellence.

The energy invested in research and development allows us to create systems with high added value, which optimise work flows, help mechanics save time and are visibly more functional.

Entrust your car workshop to people who can create a new world around you.

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“Their efficiency was jaw-dropping. It was hard to believe they were installing the units that quickly and perfectly.

As for the equipment itself, it’s all incredible. These have a design and a layout that a technician can usually only dream about. The quality of the products is something else.

We’re all very happy here at McCarrolls. They’ve certainly raised the bar regarding the standards we can reach.”

Adriano Giorgi, Service Manager of Maserati McCarrolls (Australia)

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