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WORKY designs and installs entirely tailor-made systems to offer body shops a healthy and safe work environment that is also much more performing and efficient. A centralised WORKY system for dust extraction ensures an optimal result during coating, in addition to reducing time and energy in terms of maintenance. Our movable solutions are also flexible and suitable for smaller environments.

Not to mention our systems for the extraction of welding fumes and exhaust fumes.

We carefully study our customer’s needs, means, and layout, design a solution that adapts perfectly to the spaces available and select the most suitable products for the desired result from our range.

Our product range for Body shop
Exhaust fume extraction

Extracting exhaust fumes of motor vehicles from the work area prevents them being released into the work environment and becomi...

Extraction of dry sanding dust

The process of dry sanding plaster and primer before painting has become the best method for sanding the panels of the bodywork...

Extraction of welding fumes

The welding process, in all its versions, always produces fumes and fine suspended dust.


The advantages of WORKY’s systems for body shops

Increased productivity and work quality in body shops

In addition to damaging human health, dust can also distract workers and force them into delivering less accurate work. Work stations become less usable when they are invaded by fine dust. Dirt and mess have a negative effect on the productivity of any body shop and on the final quality of the coat.
Installing a highly efficient extraction system makes it possible to maintain work quality high.

Protecting workers’ health

The residues of the working processes are fine dusts that can be inhaled or ingested and cause health problems, sometimes very serious. Extracting them directly at their source avoids this risk.

Compliance with Legislative Decree 81/08

Legislative Decree 81/08 enforces employers to make sure work stations are in conformity with precise requisites: in jobs in which any kinds of fumes are released, it is compulsory to prevent or reduce their development and dispersion; gases, fumes and dust must be extracted as close to their origin as possible; the system must prevent dust from returning to the workplace.

Non-compliance leads to heavy fines.

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To prevent dust generated by the processes having a negative effect on workers’ health and activities, WORKY has designed a range of fixed or movable products and systems for the extraction of these dusts directly at their origin.

WORKY, however, does more than just manufacturing and installing extraction systems; we follow our customers and offer complete consultancy services, walking side by side from the initial idea to the final result.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and to our innovation-oriented attitude, WORKY can boast homologations and partnerships with the main car manufacturers, creating systems that can stand up to their standards of excellence.

The energy invested in research and development allows us to create systems with high added value, which optimise work flows, help operators save time and are visibly more functional.

Entrust your body shop to people who can create a new world around you.

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